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About No Regrets

About No Regrets

Who: Are you between 13 and 24 years old? If yes, then the No Regrets program is for you! Or you may be someone who wants to rally a group of young people around the issue of injury – that works too!

What: No Regrets is a peer leadership program that gives young people an opportunity to actively participate in injury prevention and risk management education. By that, we mean you get to run fun activities in your community to bring awareness to the issue of injury in youth! All our suggested activities focus on one or more of our Five Key Messages - Buckle Up, Look First, Wear the Gear, Get Trained and Drive Sober. We believe these key messages can influence the risk-taking behaviour of youth related to activities such as driving, biking, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and partying. In fact, an evaluation of the program found that students reported 17% fewer injuries requiring medical care following a single year’s exposure to the program’s messages.

Where: No Regrets is a national injury prevention movement, which means there are young people like you across the country working towards the same goal: an injury free Canada! But the work that you do will be right in your own community. 

When: Program participants are typically active September to June; however, we’re available to support you at any time of the year.

Why: More than 700 Canadian youth die every year due to a preventable injury (that’s the size of the average Canadian high school!) With No Regrets, you can help to change that. No Regrets also provides an opportunity for youth to learn about and practise leadership skills in a meaningful and authentic way. Plus, it looks pretty good on your resumé!

How: Go it alone or grab some friends to start your own No Regrets team. Once you REGISTER, (only one team member needs to register for each team) we will ask you to complete a short survey that will help us support you throughout the year. Then you are free to get going! For starters, we recommend looking through the TRAINING PORTAL  and PROGRAM RESOURCES. We will occasionally check in with you through short online surveys to see how things are going and what we can do to help.

Ready to get started? We’ve got you covered
step by step!

Step 1: Register your team 

Step 2: Complete the follow-up No Regrets survey (sent to you via email after registration) where you outline your plans for the year and request your Boost Box*

Step 3: Get trained! 

Step 4: Start planning your No Regrets activities 

Step 5: Complete online progress reports as you receive them to help us improve the program and see how you’re doing

Step 6: Contact us with feedback or questions at any time 

*Boost Boxes are packages of No Regrets branded promotional items that can help to support your activities. In the past, Boost Boxes have included great swag like sunglasses, candy, pens, posters and more! No Regrets has a limited number of free boost boxes to give out every year, so register and complete your follow-up survey ASAP to make sure you get one! If you don’t request a box in time, not to worry: you can order promotional items from us at cost all year long.  


Why join the No Regrets movement?

Injury rates in Canada are at epidemic proportions, with over 13,000 Canadians killed and another 200,000 hospitalized for serious injuries every year. In fact, on a typical day, 35 Canadians will die due to injury. Many of those who survive are left with disabilities, both physical and emotional. While these statistics are startling, injury prevention does not get the attention it deserves.

By joining the No Regrets program you will be part of a national network of young Canadians working together to increase awareness of the issue of injury and teaching others how to manage risks in their daily lives. You will lead the change in public perception that injuries are not “accidents”, but are predictable events that can be prevented.

No Regrets also provides an opportunity for you to learn about and practise leadership in a meaningful and authentic way. Participants develop and improve skills in communication, teamwork, project management and personal identity. 

All registered participants will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the program year. Team members who are particularly active and keep in touch with Parachute program staff are eligible to receive letters of recommendation and support for their contribution to the field of injury prevention.