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About Parachute

About Parachute

About Parachute

Our aim is an injury-free Canada. Parachute wants to bring attention to the issue of preventable injury and to help Canadians reduce their risks of injury and enjoy long lives lived to the fullest.

Parachute is a national, charitable organization, formed in July 2012, which unites the former organizations of Safe Communities Canada, Safe Kids Canada, SMARTRISK and ThinkFirst Canada into one strong leader in injury prevention.

Our aspirations are clear

Parachute wants to lead, inspire and mobilize Canadians to engage in behaviours that help to prevent injuries and save lives. We want to arm individuals and communities with strong risk and life management skills that will help them maintain healthy and active lifestyles.

Why injury prevention matters

Unlike many other health challenges, there is no “cure” for injury – the only approach is prevention. The good news is that most injuries are preventable.  And the economic burden of injury is vast compared to the costs related to prevention programs (billions vs. millions). Prevention efforts will yield longer lives enjoyed to the fullest and extraordinary savings to the Canadian economy.

Who is affected?

Any one of us can suffer the devastation of preventable injury and everyone shares in the economic and emotional burdens. Canada’s most vulnerable populations — children, youth, older Canadians and Aboriginal peoples – are the ones experiencing unacceptably high rates of injury.

Children: Preventable injuries kill more Canadian children than any single disease.

Youth: Injury kills more young people than all other causes combined, accounting for over 70 per cent of all youth deaths.

Seniors: Seniors comprise only 12 per cent of the Canadian population, but account for 35 per cent of all injury hospitalizations. The number of seniors experiencing injury is expected to rise exponentially as the population ages.

Aboriginal Peoples: Out of any identifiable group, Canadian Aboriginals have the highest suicide rate, and the injury death rate among Aboriginal teens is almost four times that of Canadians overall.

Our approach

As the leading organization for injury prevention in Canada, we act as a unified, national voice that raises public awareness and partners with stakeholders to reduce preventable injury though a comprehensive approach.

Demonstrating courage and confidence in providing leadership for the issue of injury at all levels of activity, and at all times, we act in a way that embraces true collaboration in engaging those organizations already supporting preventable injury.

Incorporating such principles as empathy, inspiration and inclusivity, we will always promote evidence-informed action in all aspects of operation and with all partners, stakeholders, allies and clients.

Recognizing that strong national leadership implies local, community- based action, we engage those affected by injury and by helping to amplify their stories, we provide incentive for action.

Our name

What comes to mind when you hear the name Parachute? It is both an essential piece of lifesaving gear and an emblem of fun, freedom and managed risk. We know that skydiving is a sport that many people want to try and our organization wants to be seen as aspirational and inspirational. Parachute encapsulates the spirit of our new organization. We want Canadians of all ages to live their lives to the fullest, to enjoy life and be the best they can be. In order to do that, they need to take the right steps. Jumping from an airplane is thrilling, but you wouldn’t do that without a parachute. This powerful analogy can be carried into the world of injury prevention and be used in an approach that empowers people to take action that will prevent injuries and help them get the best out of life.

Join us

We invite you to help us create an injury-free Canada. Join us in making an impact in the lives of all Canadians, helping them to reduce their risk of injury and enjoy long lives lived to the fullest.